I Saw Deer Woman



One day I decided to hang out with my friends, Keylea and Carlie, we drove around for a bit and had the best time. We were vibing to music and everything. Keylea decides to go down thunder road. I tell both Carlie and Keylea not to say the S-word because I am a really superstitious person, so I didn’t feel like having that negativity in my life. Keylea decides to say it anyways and I am going to say this now, it was dark and I am terrified of the dark. When I say terrified I mean terrified and not because it’s dark, but because of what is in the dark, so I was paranoid already. So she says the word and I go and grab something on the floor, and I kid you not I look up at the road and see some crazy thing. It literally was on two freaking feet. It looked like a deer, but it wasn’t. It had skin like a human. I thought this was some dude running around the woods naked, but no, it was not a human. 

It was the first thing I see when I opened my eyes, and I literally scream bloody murder, scaring the living crap out of both of my friends. I sounded like someone straight-up killed me. The thing is that this thing was running at an angle where it looked like it was running toward the car but went across the road. It went across the road so fast I thought it was going to come after us.

This scared me so bad that every time I go on that road at night I feel uneasy and terrified I am going to see something again. I have no clue what it was, but honestly, it could have been Deer Woman, like in the stories I used to hear when I was younger. She has half a top human, bottom half deer, and preys people. I tell this out of confidence, I believe in her. This thing looked almost exactly like how Deer Woman is described, which is terrifying.