This is Why I’m Over Winter



I like the wintertime for many reasons but there are also plenty of things I dislike about it. The too cold weather, seasonal depression, and there is nothing to do here.

It’s too cold for me. I like cold weather, but sometimes it gets too cold for me. I like the cold because it’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down. It just gets way too icy and freezing and my toes and fingers get cold really easily, so that’s annoying. Bundling up is a pain, too, because once I get enough clothes on to stay warm I can hardly move and then I get too hot and have to peel off layers but then, it gets colder because the cold air hits the moisture and it is just horrible.

Seasonal depression starts to hit. It’s just such a gloomy time of year. When it snows and it’s really white, pretty, and like a winter wonderland, then it gets put on pause. Though, most winter days in Oklahoma are just cold, icy, and boring. The winter just makes me wish for the rainy spring and summer sun.

There isn’t much to do during winter either, which doesn’t help to cheer me up. Again, most of our winters are just icy so there already aren’t enough activities to do and there are no mountains to ski or snowboard on. The closest thing is going down that one little hill in my grandma’s backyard on a little sled from the 1990s.

I think it is figured out. Winter sucks and summer break needs to come a whole lot sooner.