The Rise of E-Sports at Canton High School


Canton High School has recently started participating in OSSAA’s E-Sports program. The E-Sports department is led by coach Davey Smith. The process of getting E-Sports at our school has not been as easy as it seems, and Coach Smith can tell you that.

The process of getting E-Sports at Canton Schools started with Coach Smith being approached by a former principal. Before our school could officially make it a class, there were a few obstacles Smith had to overcome. 

First, E-Sports had to become an OSSAA certified sport. After that Smith had to convince the school board and administration to begin offering it as an elective. Another hurdle was Coronavirus. Because of COVID-19, purchasing the supplies needed was more difficult than usual due to physical restrictions with shopping and shipping.

After Smith got the supplies and got the administration on board, he had a few concerns about  students not taking the class seriously. As the class has progressed, he has seen great interest and skill in the students.

Canton Public High School has now had E-Sports for about one year and is looking forward to many more.