The Scream Adventures Continue


Just when I thought the Scream movies will finally end, the fifth movie came out at the beginning of 2022. They just need to give poor old Sidney Prescot a break. I mean I love the movies, but poor Sidney. 

The beginning of Scream 5 starts off with Tara Carpenter getting a call from a stranger, and we all know how that goes. This time, she survives and ends up in the hospital with multiple stab wounds and a broken leg. One of her friends calls her sister, Sam, and Sam immediately goes to Woodsboro to see her. When Sam gets back to Woodsboro, she finds out that someone is portraying Ghostface and trying to uncover the secrets of the past. Then Ghostface kills off the people in Tara’s friend group, who surprisingly, are connected to the original people from the original Scream. We find out that Sam, Tara’s sister, is actually the daughter of Billy Loomis. 

When we learn about Billy Loomis and Sam Carpenter being literal father and daughter I flipped out. I wasn’t expecting that at all and it was honestly my favorite part in the entire movie. 

Halfway through the movie Sam and her boyfriend go and get Dewey Riley, and then Dewey tells Sidney about what is going on in Woodsboro. Sidney didn’t come back to Woodsboro until after the incident in the hospital. 

When the incident with Dewey in the hospital happened, I literally cried my eyes out. They did not have to do Dewey like that. Then Gale came back and found out and I literally cried so much more. There was a lot of crying around this time. 

Sidney comes back and tries to convince Sam to help her and Gale kill the killer once and for all to stop the killings. Sam said no and planned on taking Tara back to where Sam lived so she is much safer. On the way to Sam’s place, Tara can’t find her inhaler and tells Sam to go to her friend Amber’s house because Amber had an extra inhaler for Tara. When they get to Amber’s house there is a party for the death of one of their friends Wes, which is shut down, and Sam quickly finds out that she was in Stu Macher’s house, one of the original killers. 

Sidney and Gale find out where Sam is and try to get there as fast as they can. By the time they got there, the killer is revealed to be Tara’s friend Amber. 

Honestly, it was surprising but not surprising because she made it kind of obvious that she was the killer towards the end of the movie. Amber shoots Gale and tries to get Sam and Tara. Then we find out that there were not only one but two killers. The second one is Sam’s boyfriend. 

Now finding out who the second killer is was shocking. I would have never guessed it to be him. To be honest, he seemed a little too stupid to be the killer in my opinion. 

In the end, we find out that Amber and Sam’s boyfriend only wanted to kill them because they wanted to be in a movie. This is a whole new level of crazy. Sidney, Gale, and Sam kill the killers and put an end to it all and then the movie ends and everyone goes on with their lives. 

I think the movie was a little messy and easy to predict, but other than that I loved it. I have always loved Scream and I was really happy that they brought some of the original characters from the first movie back. It made me really happy. I do recommend the movie even though I just spoiled it. It’s a good movie.