Top 10 Memories from High School I will Never Forget


In high school there are very memorable things and things that are easily forgotten. This list is just a few of the many memories from high school/middle school that I will never forget. 

  1. When Deuce Johnson flipped his desk in Mrs. K’s was the funniest thing that ever happened in 8th grade. It was only so funny because after it all happened he just stayed underneath the desk for the longest time.
  2. Stoning Deuce Johnson is a memory I hope to never forget. I remember everyone chunking their foam balls at him and Tanner picking up one from the ground and completely chunking it. It was so much fun.
  3. Making a cake for Mrs. Haub was incredible. It was a beautiful cake and tasted ten times better than it looked. It was a lot of fun because I love cake and my group made fondant and I just had a really good time.
  4. The cheer lock-in of 2019  was one of the best ones I have ever been too. Many of the older cheerleaders scared Lea Vowell so bad she ran away crying and wanted to go home.
  5. Spring break of 2020 was so memorable because after spring break Covid happened and school got canceled. That was the best spring break ever.
  6. Hanna Sullins invited me to come be Cupid’s Date at the Valentines Dance on January 29, 2022. We had Eilene’s Cookies.   
  7. We won first place at National History day for exhibits in 2017. It was a group project with Braxton Thompson and Kenzi Nix. It was a fun experience and I do not think my mom will ever let me forget that memory.  
  8.  We actually got to perform with the Thunder Girls for cheer. It was with the cheerleading team and I am thankful I got to do it for 2 years before they stopped doing it because of Covid.
  9. When Erica and I won first place for our video in Oklahoma Scholastic Media (OSM) in 2019 was definitely a good way to start off the newspaper.
  10.  The last thing I will never forget is going on the Media Paintball trip of 2022. I got bruised so much I am never going paint balling again, like ever. I will never be able to forget that trip.