Mario Kart is Actually Pretty Fun

I don’t usually play video games, but recently I decided to take Esports this year and I had to pick a game to compete in. Most of the games I didn’t like because they just seemed, boring but when I tried out Mario Kart I was actually having fun. 

In the game, you just race, obviously, because it’s a racing game. When you are racing you can hit these cubes and they give you a certain item that you can use as an advantage to win the race. You can also drift in this game, and you can pick what character you want to use and what car to use. The car you pick can also be an advantage because it shows you the speed, acceleration, etc to help you win. 

I love playing this game now because it’s just fun to play and I don’t have to use a lot of strategies. I mean I do kind of have to focus because of the race track, but other than that it is honestly the easiest game ever. If I didn’t only play it in class I would probably play it outside of school, too.