The Original Spiderman is Solid, Despite Plot Holes

The 2002 Spider-Man is the first movie with a live action Spider-Man. Spider-Man is played by Toby Maguire, and he does a solid job of playing Spider-Man. 

Spider-Man begins his life  as Peter Parker, a nerdy normal high schooler who gets bullied just like most normal kids. On the school trip,  another kid bullies him for taking pictures for the school paper. He wants to be photographer though,  so he keeps taking pictures for the school newspaper. While he is taking pictures he gets bit by a spider that had been experimented on at the lab he was at. 

He lives with his aunt and uncle, which is accurate to the comics, but we don’t know why he lived with them. If the audience had some information as to why he lived there, it would make the storyline of the movie more interesting. 

The way he embraced being Spider-Man is really interesting, he wanted money so he went to a wrestling match that said he would get a $3,000 reward for three minutes in the ring with the champion. But Parker pinned the guy in the first two minutes so he got underpaid. He was mad about getting underpaid, so when the guy that underpaid him got robbed, Peter didn’t do anything. 

On his way home he noticed a big crowd of people who were all trying to help uncle Ben who had been shot by the guy Peter let go. When Uncle Ben died, Peter was there holding him, and he told Peter with great power comes great responsibility. After Ben told him that, it becomes the whole theme of the movie. 

The rest of the movie is all about how he is trying to use his gifts for good and not just for himself. 

The villain of the story is also really well thought-out. The Green Goblin is the main villain of the story. He uses a new type of drug that is meant to improve the body. It makes him stronger and faster,  but it also gives him another personality and he becomes crazy.