Mrs. Dowell Wins Top 20 Teacher by Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas

Canton High School science teacher Ashlea Dowell was nominated as a Top 20 Teacher by Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas.Mrs. Dowell is not only a role model for Canton science lovers, but she is also a role model to many due to the fact she chose to help young people instead of choosing a career in the oil and natural gas industry. 

“Mrs. Dowell’s degree is in geology. Instead of using it to work in oil and gas she chose to become a teacher, becoming a role model for women in science. She works hard for students in and out of the classroom, so she is deserving of the recognition of Oklahoma Energy Resources Board(OERB) of this award.” Barbara Schishka, former coworker and reason for nomination, said.

Top 20 Teacher by Oklahoma Oil and Natural Gas is received by a science teacher who sets an example for students who follow in her footsteps. Dowell is not only very deserving of this award, she also is deserving of appreciation for all the things she does for students outside of the classroom. She not only is a science teacher, she is the academic coach for junior high and high school students. She also helps show students their showing animals, and on top of it all, she also helps the athletic department with books for boys and girls. 

I was completely shocked and surprised when I found out. My understanding was that I was going to receive an award for our school at the OSU vs Baylor basketball game. OERB representative Mindy Stitt informed me that I had been selected as a Top 20 Teacher and I was speechless. She told me that both the school and I were awarded a cash prize. I felt humbled and grateful. I immediately knew that it was Barbara Schiska who had nominated me and, she was my first call to share the news,” Mrs. Dowell, said. 

Although Dowell is a science teacher she could have been doing something in the oil and gas industry. If she decided to go into the oil and gas industry she would have been making four times the amount she is now. However her love for teaching and helping people took over her life and her heart. She enjoys her job, even though there are some students who make her job more difficult. Just like any other job there are the hard times and the good times, and for Dowell the good times outweigh the bad.

 Showing her love for school is constantly shown by her everyday actions and the way she always helps everyone. Dowell is well deserving of this award for many reasons and she continues to display those reasons everyday.