The Speech Class Comes Out With Season 2 Of Their Mini Series


The speech class continues with Who Done Did It, Season 2. There are six episodes and the first one will air on Thursday March 23. 

 This season is set in a newspaper office called The Daily Tattle.  There are 14 suspects. The chief editor/owner Mr. Barney has died. Mr. Barney has died from cyanide poisoning. 

The first suspect is Kamdyn Hulse who plays Kamryn Carlton, a sports reporter who was demoted to a food critic. 

The second suspect is Landon Vowell who plays George Wick, a photographer who was underpaid.

The third suspect is Alexa Delgado who plays Mary Jo, the previous owner, but her partner died and she didn’t have enough money to stay afloat. She is now the secretary.

The fourth suspect is Noah Ross who plays Elias Harthford, the IT guy who has it in for  Mr. Barney because he puts all the work on him. 

The fifth suspect is Imiyah Littlejohn who plays Jasmine Meeks, a travel columnist whose idea was  shot down.

The sixth suspect is Kasidee Pope who plays Madison Barney, a lifestyle journalist whose column was going to be given to someone else. 

The seventh suspect is Kobe Littlethunder who plays Luke Mayweather, a photographer who Mr. Barney refused to pay overtime. 

The eighth suspect is Jarrett Snow who plays Atticus Smith, a security guard who is overworked and is always taking naps. 

The ninth suspect is Kylie Carrasco who plays Emberleigh Grey. She wants the lifestyle column from Madison. 

The tenth suspect is Aubrey Cheney who plays Laykin Peters. She is the obituary writer and she wants to become obituary writer of the year. 

The eleventh suspect is Ryleigh Cheney who plays Alice Monroe and she has a big secret that only Atticus knows. 

New episodes will come out every Thursday.