Good Luck Charms

Taylor Dowell, Reporter

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Before every game, Russell Westbrook likes to do handshakes and weird dances with his teammates.  Baker Mayfield liked to catch and pass on both sides of the field before his games. Nancy Mulkey, a center for the Oklahoma Sooners, puts her left sock on first and eats chocolate before her basketball games.

Amanda Schoonmaker, seventh-grader at Canton High School, also has a superstition she believes helps her when she shows livestock. She has a special turtle charm she keeps in her back pocket at big shows. The turtle charm brings her good luck and helps her do well at important competitions.

Jacob Rutz, seventh-grader at Canton,  always picks up a penny that is heads up for good luck.

Kenzi Nix, eighth-grader, only eats cereal out of a cup.

Whenever Coach Rich drinks out of a water fountain he counts the number of times he swallows.

Jenny Delgado, junior, has to sleep with socks on.

Kaghan Baker, seventh-grader, believes that people should never close a knife that is given to them open, closing a knife someone else opened will give him bad luck.

Zane Foster, sophomore, spits on his fishing lures when he isn’t catching fish. He believes that spitting on the lure will help him catch more fish.

Seth Bromlow, freshman, has a ritual he uses for bull riding. He always has to get dressed the same way before he rides. His left sock has to go on first, then his right sock left boot, and right boot follows in that order.

Everyone has their own good luck charms and superstitions. Russel Westbrook dances and Amanda Schoonmaker keeps her lucky turtle charm with her.