One Lunch

Caden Koehn, Reporter

If Canton High School switches to a seven-hour school day, it would mean that all the students would be put into one lunch. With all the kids being put into one lunch, it would be chaos. After the bells ring to let students out for lunch, everyone would be pushing and shoving trying to get to the front to be first for lunch. I think that everyone at one lunch would be a bad idea.

With all the students in one lunch, it would cause stress for the cafeteria workers. The cooks would have to cook for about an hour and a half straight. If all the students ate together, they would all need a drink, so they would be drinking all the water and tea, and the cafeteria workers would be constantly refilling them. Another problem the cafeteria workers would run into would be cleaning all the plates. The plates would all pile up fast and it would be a mess that must be cleaned up daily.  “I think it would be a disaster because there would not be enough room for all the kids and the big and little kids mixed is not a good idea,” Ciara Doyle, school cook, said

Another problem that would be faced is all the kids in line. When in line some kids like to “cut” other kids in the line to get to the front. When all the kids are put into one long line, the seventh graders, or even the seniors, would try to cut to get closer to the front of the line and that could start a fight. When in line, even with teachers watching the kids, the older kids still pick on the little kids, so with all the kids going to lunch at the same time, the older kids will have a better chance to pick on the younger students.

One other problem kids would face is the cafeteria would be crowded. By the time every student has gotten a tray with food, all the tables will be full of people. With all the tables being full a student might not be able to sit with his/her friends. With the cafeteria being full, it would be hard for students to move around the salad bar or get over to the drink area.

“I think it is a good idea because it is less time for my brain to work,” Levi Shaw, freshman, said.