Killer Klowns


By karel291, CC BY 3.0,

Killer Klowns never fail to terrify.

Alexis Beckner, Reporter

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is quite old, but still gives the same spark to people it did when it first came out. Rubber costumes, rubber masks and a little bit of latex make this movie scary. Charles, Edward and Stephen Chiodo are the producers and directors of this movie that kept people on the edge of their seats in 1988.  

When two teenagers spot what they believe is a meteorite, they decide to look for it. When it turns out to be a giant circus tent UFO, Debbie and Mike, two characters in the movie, are chased by the klown aliens as they try to warn the town about the klowns, but they aren’t believed. Debbie’s ex-boyfriend, Dave, starts to believe them once he sees some Killer Klowns himself. The unlikely team sets out to stop the klowns from taking over the world.

The movie is great for the type of effects that were used in the making of the film, the actors had to wear rubber costumes, each actor had two costume heads to work with and wear. Cheap special effects like face paint and stop shot scenes make the movie great. There are also props like balloon animals covered in latex and a glass disco ball with colored lights.

The Klowns are aliens that look like twisted versions of clown that we all know, with pale white skin and brightly colored hair. They have amazing weapons like a popcorn canon, a small purple gun that shoots killer popcorn that changes into killer jack in the boxes. Klowns have ray guns that turn people into giant cotton candy cocoons.

The actors in the movie play a huge part in making the movie seem real, the actors are great at acting scared. It also has the cheesy actors that make the movie hilarious  and not just horrifying. The characters called the Terenzi brothers are the slapstick comical characters, they are always getting into trouble and somehow able to escape all of the problems.

Acid pies, popcorn guns, killer shadows, and a bloodhound balloon dog are a few of the greatest props that are included in the movie. The movie was made in 1988 but still is still a favorite. When horror meets comedy, Killer Klowns pop up out of space.