How Long Will The Knees Last

Hayleigh Noble, Reporter

It is estimated that more than 1.6 million injuries are associated with basketball annually.

Some people play after having a bad injury. I had two major knee surgeries while playing basketball. After having a bad injury, getting back on the court knowing that is how I hurt my knee in the first place is really hard for me.

The first injury happened 2016. I hurt my right knee in basketball as an eighth grader. Then track season came. I was practicing hand off at Ringwood with my relay team and my knee totally blew out. I tore my ACL and stretched my meniscus.

My second knee injury was in February of 2018 on the basketball court playing against Fairview, the game before we started playoffs. I went to guard the corner, and when I went to go back to middle, my right knee popped. I tore my meniscus and stretched my ACL.

The thought that runs through my mind during basketball season before every game, is “ Will this be the game that I tear my knee up again, or will this truly be my last game forever.” I still go on the court scared, but I still try my best to play basketball with my team and win the games.

Playing with a knee brace is no fun. I have to get dressed fast and then worry about my knee, how tight to put it around my knee to play basketball in. It takes longer for me to be dressed and ready to play basketball, because of my knee brace.