Pennywise the Clown has been terrifying audiences since the 1990s.            

Pennywise the Clown has been terrifying audiences since the 1990s.

Alexis Beckner, Reporter

The original IT is one of the greatest movies since the 1990’s. The original actors and the occasional flashback make this movie creepy. The movie was remade and released to theaters, but it did not have the same creepy feeling to it as the original.

The new IT tried to hard to be scary but  comes nowhere close to the feeling the old IT gave the audiences everywhere.

The old IT flips point of views, from the kids to the grown ups. The grown ups are living their lives when they each get a call from an old friend telling them that It was back. They each then rush around packing and avoiding questions. The movie then flips to when they were kids and what happened to them when they started meeting It.

The movie keeps viewers on their toes wondering what was going to happen next, each turn is a surprise.

The clown from the original IT is what every clown hater fears, creepy and sinister. The clown looks like any ordinary clown, with face paint and classic red balloons. The clown from the new IT is trying to hard to be scary, the old clown gets on everyone’s fears.

The flashbacks in the old IT are a huge part of the movie, they give background information and they keep viewers waiting for the next one. The kid actors make the audience feel pity, anger, horror just by how good they fit and act in the movie through the flashbacks.

The new IT is three and a half stars out of five and the old IT is four out of five stars.