Chattery Teeth

Chattery Teeth

Alexis Beckner, Reporter

Chattery Teeth is a short story written by Stephen King, published in 1992. Chattery Teeth is in Nightmares and Dreamscapes, a book of short stories. Chattery Teeth is a creepy story, made to make people sleep with the light on.

Bill Hogan, the main character, is in a convenient store to pick up something for his son, when he notices a large pair of metal chattery teeth. The store worker notices him looking at them and gives Bill the teeth, claiming they no longer work.

After Bill leaves the store, he picks up a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker pulls out a knife and tries to carjack him, while Bill struggles to avoid the knife and keep the car on the road, he feels the chattery teeth squirm out of his pocket.

Bill watches the “broken” chattery teeth jump toward the hitchhiker, the teeth then start biting the hitchhiker. Bill passes out while watching the teeth drag the hitchhiker out into the desert. Nine months later he goes back to the same convenience store. Bill sees the chattery teeth that murdered the hitchhiker and is reunited with them.

Bill feels like the teeth want to protect him, his idea was right, he learns that when he sees a large dog. The teeth start jumping around and squirming in his pocket when the dog starts growling at him. Bill then decides to keep the teeth and one day pass the teeth over to his son.

Chattery Teeth is a Stephen King classic, the story leaves readers on the edge of their seat waiting for what happens next. Four and a half stars out of five.