The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

Alexis Beckner, Reporter

After Delia’s grandma dies and leaves an old insane asylum to Delia, strange things start happening. Delias sister gets strapped to her bed mysteriously as she sleeps, words are carved into the floor tell Delia to leave, and soft jingling of bells can be heard.

When Delia gets locked in her room, thick, dark fog starts to fill the room making Delia feel weightless. Delia then wakes up and finds out she is dead, she jumped out the second story window. Delia starts seeing spirits that roam the asylum, the spirits try to help Delia sort out what happened to her.

Delia blames the asylum for her murder, she soon learns that dark spirits live amongst them keeping the girls trapped in the asylum. Delia has to protect her sister from the dark spirit that wants to trap her in the asylum too. Delia is the strongest spirit that ever lived in the asylum, making her the only one who can help free the other spirits.

When Delia comes face to face with the evil spirit a choice is made, her parents or her little sister. Delia risks everyone she loves, to free all the spirits trapped in the asylum and she watches her family leave the asylum grounds.

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is a heartwarming, suspenseful book that is unlike any book written. This book is five out of five stars.