Alexis Beckner, Reporter

Oblivion is one of the greatest games to ever be made, with amazing graphics, a huge map to explore, and fully voiced NPCs making this game worthwhile. The game starts off with the main character that the player customizes before the game fully starts. The player can change the race, body size and facial features of the main character.

The player then awakens in a prison cell. Voices then start to get louder as the emperor and his bodyguards walk into the cell asking for the help of the players’ characters. The emperor opens a secret passage and forces the characters to follow along while talking about the help he needs.

The emperor gives the character an amulet right before he is assassinated. After the player kills the assassin, the emperor’s bodyguard tells the character to take the amulet to a trusted friend named Jauffre. The player then leads the character around exploring and completing quests to help level up. If the player sticks to the main quest then portals start popping up all over Cyrodiil leading to Oblivion. The player must close all the portals to win the game.

Oblivion is five stars out of five stars for the amazing graphics, challenging quests, and all the things to see and do in the game. The game is recommended for anyone who likes fantasy or choice making games.