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Alexis Beckner, Reporter

Most Stephen King books are so well written that they make the reader question the world they live in, and Under the Dome is no exception. The novel switches points of view throughout the book, making it a little hard to keep track of what’s going on with each character.

When the dome came down over Chester Mill, many people met their doom. The dome crushed or cut people in half when it came down. Others drove vehicles into the invisible barrier.

One of the main characters, Dale Barbara, commonly known as Barbie, is told by the president that he is the one the president chose to be the leader under the dome. Big Jim, another main character, hates Barbie for trying to get him arrested for his drug crimes and tries to throw Barbie in jail with the help of his police force but fails. Barbie is forced to go on the run while Big Jim takes over leadership of the people.

Barbie and his girlfriend Julia find out that aliens were the ones to put the dome over the town for a sick experiment. While Barbie goes out to gather people, a drug warehouse blew up and a toxic death cloud rolls over the town killing countless people. Julia gets in contact with one of the aliens that controls the dome and convinces them to lift the dome. Barbie and Julia are a few of the people who managed to survive Under the Dome.

This novel is rated three out of five for the detail and gore throughout the book. The book could have better point of view changes and smoother transitions to make the novel easier to read and understand.  

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