Red Dead Redemption II


Ethan Foster, Reporter

Since its release on October 26, 2018, Red Dead Redemption II has won three awards and has had three nominations since being released. Having the best storyline from the Red Dead series, it follows the story from Arthur Morgan’s point of view.

The game takes place in the year of 1899, in five fictitious states in the United States. The states of New Hanover, Ambarino and Lemoyne are new to the series and are located north and east of Red Dead Redemption’s world. The states of West Elizabeth and New Austin have returned from Red Dead Redemption.

The states are centered on the San Luis and Lannahechee Rivers and the shores of Flat Iron Lake. Ambarino is a mountain wilderness, with the largest settlement being an Indian reservation; New Hanover is a wide valley that has become a hub of industry; and Lemoyne is made up of bayous and plantations resembling Louisiana and east Texas and is home to the former French colony of Saint Denis. West Elizabeth consists of wide plains, dense forests, and the modern town of Blackwater.

This region has been expanded from the original Red Dead Redemption to include a vast northern portion containing the small town of Strawberry. New Austin is an arid region centered on the frontier town of Armadillo and the MacFarlane Ranch, also featured in the original Red Dead Redemption.

The game heavily relies on the player’s choices on the story and missions. It also has top quality graphics, non-player characters (NPC) that react towards the player decisions, and the game features online multiplayer. The game also features an open world environment that can either be played in a first-person or third-person view. The game also features both hunting and fishing, which provides food, income and materials for crafting. Players can also buy guns and other weapons, however, the player most clean and take care of their weapons.

When the game was released, on its opening weekend it broke a record of $725 million for any game on opening day. With current prices for the game on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 around $60, Rockstar Studios has not announced if Red Dead Redemption II will be released for PC. The pre-order edition of the game cost about $80 and came with exclusive hunter gear.

Red Dead Redemption II is five stars out of five for having amazing graphics, a good story, and realistic gameplay. This game is recommended for players who like realism, fantasy and the Wild West.