Top Five Movies to Watch During November


Alexis Beckner, Reporter

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November is the best time to be watching movies, since the weather gets cold and rainy. These five family-friendly movies are fun for the whole family to sit around the TV and binge watch.  

1. Paul Blart Mall Cop

When Paul Blart tries to become a police officer, he fails the exam because his blood sugar drops too low, and he passes out. Paul Blart then gets a job as a mall security guard to help train him to be a police officer, but when he stays in the mall after it closes by accident, he sees that the mall is being robbed.  

2. Free Birds

This movie revolves around talking turkeys, whose main goal is to take turkey off the Thanksgiving menu. Reggie and Jake travel back in time to stop the eating of turkeys at the first Thanksgiving, but they encounter a whole flock of turkeys living underground in a secret world also trying to stop the eating of turkeys at the first Thanksgiving.

3. Home Alone series

The Home Alone movies are a must see. The movies are clean and funny with slight rude humor. When the McCallister family leaves behind their youngest member, eight year-old Kevin, two thieves come to steal the family’s possessions, but encounter booby traps and other strange, kid made defenses.

4. Toy Story

This animated movie helps teach leadership and the power of friendship, making it a great movie to watch. When six-year old Andy gets a new toy named Buzz Lightyear, his other favorite toy Woody, gets jealous. Woody tries to hide Buzz so he could go to the restaurant with Andy, but accidentally knocks Buzz out a window. Woody goes on a mission to get his friend back.

5. Chicken Little

When Chicken Little gets hit with what he thinks is a piece of the sky, he is acclaimed the laughing stock of the town. A few days later when a piece of camouflaged alien spaceship falls in front of Chicken Little, no one believes what he saw until the aliens take over the town. Chicken Little and his friends are the only ones who can save the townspeople from the aliens.