Tigers Lose By Four Points To Ringwood

Ethan Foster, Reporter

On November 30, the Canton Tigers traveled to Ringwood to play the Ringwood Red Devils. At the beginning of the game, the Tigers lost the jump to the Red Devils. The Tigers on defense were able to stop the Red Devils from scoring, but on offense the ball was stolen and the Red Devils made a fast-break.

In the second quarter, the Tigers started on offense, but the ball was stolen by a lazy pass, the Red Devils made another fast-break. On defense, the Tigers were unable to stop the Red Devils from making three-pointers.

After half-time, the Tigers started on offense. The Tigers started making better passes and moving the ball more on offense. The Tigers then made a three-pointer. On defense, the Tigers held off the Red Devils from scoring, but Tiger Claysen Scott received a technical foul along with a Red Devil player.

In the final quarter, the Tigers started on defense. The Tigers tried stealing the ball, but the Tigers received fouls, giving the Red Devils free throws. On offense the Red Devils also had fouls called, giving the Tigers free throws.

The final score of the game was Canton Tigers 44 and the Ringwood Red Devils 49.