Sausage and Potatoes Makes an Easy Weeknight Meal

Hanna Sullins, Reporter

Potatoes and smoked sausage is a meal my mother makes every week, and it’s delicious. It is an easy go to meal if you are in a hurry!
There are many different ways to make it, but the way my mom makes it is by cooking it in the oven. She cooks it for about 25 minutes at about 350 degrees. I think it takes better in the oven so you don’t get a smokey taste.
First, she cuts everything up and puts it in a casserole dish and pours melted butter over the top. When she gets everything together, I can smell it throughout the house.
The textures of the meal can vary in different ways, the potatoes are crisp but are similar to a baked potato. The veggies, like squash, jalapenos, and zucchini are soft and easy to chew. The meat is my favorite part because it tastes the best and I like the way it is not too tough to chew and has a pretty much perfect texture.

Smoked sausage
Bell peppers

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