Chicken Tenders: Ideal Food For Those Who Can’t Commit


Kylie Nix, Reporter

Chicken tenders are one of those foods that once you start eating them, you can’t stop. They have been around forever and that’s because everyone likes them.
I can have it prepared anyway: breaded in coconut, nestled in pasta, or with waffles. I can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for a snack. It is a simple meal to make, just pop them in the oven,
Some of the best places to get chicken tenders are Sonic, Karl’s Apple Mart, Popeyes, Chicken Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chick Fil A. If I am ever at a restaurant and do not see anything I like, I will just get chicken, and make a safe bet that it is going to be good.
It is an easy meal to make and a hard food to put down.

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