Top Five Ways to Talk to Unknown Family Members in December


Ah December, the month chocked full of holidays allowing long lost family members to appear on the doorstep and ask for food. Sometimes people have to make awkward conversations to keep the good mood flowing. Here are some of the best topics to make conversation with.

1. Ask about pets.

Animals are some of the easiest topics to talk about, whether it is family pets or animals people want to own, animals are good topic starters. In western Oklahoma, discussions also might include what kind or how many critters were shot on any given day.

2. Ask about hobbies.

Everyone has a hobby whether it is collecting items or training birds to bark like dogs, everyone has one. Hobbies are an easy way to start a conversation and keep it rolling smoothly.

3. Talk about the good old days.

One way to make an old relative happy is to talk about the old days, before nine year olds had cell phones. Old relatives don’t like to watch kids sit and play on their phones, so ask about when they were young. Old stories are some of the greatest things ever. (Caution: many of these stories are re-runs.)

4. Look at old photographs.

Old photos are exciting to look at. Old photos are usually creepy or funny. The old photos can also be used as game. Everyone gets a photo and has to make a scenario that matches what the picture shows.  

5. Bond over video games.

Most people have seen video games or played them at least once in their life, so it makes an easy conversation starter. Video games can come in many categories, making them fun to talk about.