How to Pick a Scary Movie to Watch

People usually have seen a scary movie, or a movie that gives them the creeps at least once in their life. Some people can’t stand horror movies, while others watch nothing but scary movies. Many factors can filter a good horror movie from a bad one.

1. Check the rating of the movie.

Most movies have an average age and maturity rating, Kids don’t need to watch a movie that makes them stay up all night for a week. Movies rated R are usually gorey and filled with other disturbing scenes. Always check the rating to see if the watchers are comfortable with the amount of disturbing scenes.

2. Understand what the movie is about.

Understanding the plot line is important to keep up with the movie, and it also helps some people remember that it’s just a movie and not actually happening. Knowing how the movie is going to roll is a great idea for those who live for the plot of things.

3. Look at the movie trailers.

Trailers are short clips of movies and films that make people interested and want to watch the movie. Trailers are usually great to watch, because you can get a general feel for the movie.

4. Look up movie reviews.

Reviews are a great way to see what other viewers have thought about the movie. Other people’s thoughts and opinions are sometimes helpful, but always remember that other people’s opinions on things may differ.

5. Look for movie sequels.

Most movie sequels are stupid and don’t hit the major points that they should, Many movie sequels are generally a waste of time and resources. Watch the first movie in the series first to decide if the others are worth watching.