Different Ways to Keep The Family Dog Happy This Winter


Winter is a cold time of year, so dogs that are kept outside need more attention than they do in the summer. Dogs can get sick easily in cold weather. Here are some ideas to keep the family dog happy and healthy this winter:

1. Bring them more dog food.

Dogs kept outside during winter need more food, so they can pack on fat to keep warm, just like humans. Feeding the dog more is also a way to make sure they are well fed. If the family can’t check up on the dog for a few days then the dog should be fine, if it’s well fed.

2. Bring out blankets.

Get some old or worn out blankets for the dog to nest in. It’s also a good idea to check the doghouse, so snow or cold wind won’t affect the dog as much. If blankets aren’t an option, hay or dog beds work really well.

3. Dog clothes

Dog clothes are a great way to make sure the dog is warm. Many stores sell dog coats and clothing from size small to large. Dog clothing is also really cute and fun to use.

4. Bring them inside when it snows.

Potty train the dog so it can go inside when the weather gets really cold or snows. If the dog is potty trained, then the dog should be fine with going inside.

5. Check the dogs water regularly.

The dog’s water bowl can freeze over when the temperature drops. It’s a good idea to break the ice in the water so the dog can drink. Some stores sell heated dog water bowls so the water doesn’t freeze over.