Top 8 Weird Objects Teachers Have In Their Rooms

At Canton High School, some teachers have weird and random items in their classrooms. The following is a list of the top 8 random items found in teachers classrooms:

1. Mr. Mesis

Mr. Mesis has a gas mask just laying around in his room. He claims that he uses it for education purposes. Most teachers do not just have a gas mask laying around, even at home.

2. Mr. Barney

Sometimes Mr. Barney likes to creep out the little children that come into his room. No Matter where a student sits in his room the little coconut spirit will stare until it takes your soul.

3. Mrs. Barney

Mrs. Barney just randomly has an assortment of footballs and rafting oars in her room. She also has about 6 little red wagons. Maybe the fact that Mrs. Barney is the STUCO sponsor has something to do with it, or maybe she is just weird.

4. Mrs. Heath

Mrs. Heath has full-sized tool boxes in her room. She has so many tools in her room, sometimes people from the ag shop ask her for tools.

5. Ms. Morgan

Ms. Morgan has cow bones lying in her room. She uses the bones for artistic reasons. It is weird for a teacher to have bones in the classroom, no matter what they are used for.

6. Coach Brashears

Coach Brashears has a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the lair behind his office. The football players say he keeps it in his office and plays it with Coach Smith, only when players are not in there.

7. Mr. Mitchell

In the ag locker room, there is a popcorn machine covered by seedboxes. The popcorn machine has never worked since it was put in the ag room. Why put it in the ag room, how about the trash?

8. Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson has a skillet fit for a giant laying on the floor in the back of her room. Most people think she uses it for a sign in the student section at basketball games, but some question if she might have a secret pet giant.