Let’s Go Thrift Shopping

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On January 24, 2019, Alicia Luna and Brianna Ross went thrift shopping on a budget at the Canton thrift store. They were each given $20 to spend on as much clothing as they could buy. They were told to buy at least one practical outfit and one wacky outfit.

Brianna Ross bought three outfits and accessories for a total of $11.61. Out of the three, two of her outfits were practical and the other was wacky. For her wacky outfit, she wore a holographic shirt with brown, geometric tights, a fashionable pair of sunglasses, and high heeled boots.

One of her practical outfits consisted of a green velvet shirt with a white undershirt she brought from home. She wore black leggings and a pair of sunglasses to add to the look, with the same high heeled boots from the outfit before. The last outfit was a comfortable, grey sweater with the same geometric tights and boots from her previous outfits.

Alicia Luna bought three outfits for a total of $17.32. One of three of her outfits was practical and the other two were wacky.

For the first wacky outfit, she wore a bright yellowish/green skirt with a silky purple undershirt with circles on it and a flowered jacket. She added her own pair of Converse to every outfit.

For her second wacky outfit, she wore a long-sleeved black velvet shirt with the same wacky skirt and a pair of her own jeans.

For her practical outfit, she wore a long sleeve purple sweatshirt with a denim cropped top jacket. She paired it with her own pair of jeans.


Even though the girls like to show off their amazing finds, finding them was a struggle. Many items were either too small or too large. They ended up spending the better part of an hour in the Canton Thrift Shop.

However, they had a great time discovering their newly found possessions.