Inside The Mind Of a Procrastinator

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While growing up I have always realized one thing, there is always tomorrow. Procrastination is an incurable disease I must face every day. (I admit that some days I put off facing it until the following day.)  Procrastination affects my life in many ways, with some of these ways being good and others being bad. One of the skills that procrastination has helped me strengthen is my ability to work quickly and rationally in a time crunch. This skill comes in use almost every Thursday night when I have an article due Friday morning.  It is also helpful when I have to write a seven to a nine-page research paper in two days due to my inability to work ahead.

What goes on inside my mind almost daily is the “Fun Zone”. The “Fun Zone” consists of unreasonable amounts of YouTube and Netflix, plus hours upon hours of pointless memes running through my mind. The “Fun Zone” is very easy to fall into, and once a procrastinator is inside it, is almost impossible to crawl out. The fun zone is a good place to be when there is not anything to do, but for a 15-year-old sophomore in today’s world, there is almost always something to be done. These things that need to be done include newspaper articles, yearbook spreads, countless World Cultures worksheets, and also numerous tasks at work.  

Since it is so easy to fall into the “Fun Zone”, and so hard to get out, how does one get themselves out of this dark playground? The answer is quite simple: A due date is the quickest way to be dragged out of this reckless playground known as the “Fun Zone”. A due date sends a wave of nerves trained by Navy Seals coursing through the body and ultimately catapults a procrastinator right out of the fun zone. While this may be the answer to most procrastination it is not the cure for all types of this terrible disease.

The reason due dates are helpful is because there is at least some sort of urgency at some point during the task given. When there is no due date, there is no sense of urgency. This type of procrastination is roughest. It includes things like ending relationships, quitting jobs, and lastly, getting in shape. The lack of a due date creates major hazards that could end up severely messing up someone’s life. To beat this type of procrastination, make everything have a due date and let the militant-like nerves take over and do all the work.