Ruling the Crib

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Ruling the Crib

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Every household is full of rules that parents make. Some rules are wilder than others and some rules are more mellow. Some rules are just plain crazy. Even if the rules are crazy, kids are forced to follow them. Some of the crazy rules are for children’s own good. It helps them learn how to be good people.

Some households have rules designed to protect things. Those things could include glass items, people, and animals.  “Do not mess with the dog,” Kaghan Baker, eighth-grader, said. The rule was placed into the family rules because Baker was pestering his dog.

Certain rules can help maintain peace in the house. “The craziest rule is do not shoot the gun in the house,” Josh Shugart, sophomore, said. This rule was put into action because Shugart tried to shoot a deer from his window.

Some rules help us learn how to act around people. Rules can also help us know what we can and cannot do around our family. “I cannot walk around naked,” Andre Crawford, junior, said.

Crazy rules can help dictate how people behave when they are older. Rules help kids learn what they can and cannot do. Even though rules may be different in every house, they all still have the same basic effect: helping kids grow up to be respectable, smart adults.

Do you have any crazy rules in your house?

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