Even Teachers Struggle

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Even Teachers Struggle

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In every occupation, there will always be nightmares about something bad happening at work. Working at a school can cause some especially crazy nightmares. The nightmares that teachers have do not include quizzes and homework assignments.

Some teachers have specific rules in their classroom to keep their worst nightmares from becoming a reality. Mrs. Shiska, a teacher at Canton High School, does not allow kids to have their bags in the aisle to keep her from tripping and falling down.

“The worst nightmare that I have had is that I will trip and fall down in my classroom,”  Mrs. Shiska, high school English teacher, said.

If the nightmares that some teachers have had were a reality they would lose their job. Mrs. Thompson’s worst nightmare is coming to school naked.

Mrs. Barney’s worst nightmares are losing her whole class and coming to school naked.

Mr. Barney’s worst nightmare is walking up to a student and punching her in the stomach as hard as he could.

“It is the dream that I had when I came up and punched the crap out of Jenny,” Mr. Barney, high school English teacher, said.

Mr. Mesis’s worst nightmare is coming to school on a day that school was out. His worst nightmare is one of the few that have come true.

Mrs. Haub’s worst nightmare is coming to school in house shoes.

Mr. Haub’s worst nightmare is having the electricity go out while typing a test and losing it all. Another nightmare is power school going down and losing grades for a month.

Many nightmares are expected for teachers. Nightmares like coming to school naked are something that every teacher has experienced. School-related nightmares are part of being a teacher.