Backpacks Tell Their Own Stories


Backpacks are important to student’s lives everywhere, and everyone knows about the whole notebooks, pens, pencils etc., but what about the wacky must haves? What about the chargers, extra socks, and spare snacks? Most newspapers cover the boring must-haves, but The Claw is doing the wacky ones.  

Medicine is a backpack must have. Pain relievers and allergy medications are good items to carry around in a backpack, but always carry medication in small amounts. “I have an EpiPen in my backpack, so I don’t die,” Zayda Sherwood, 7th grader, said.

Snacks are semi-important to have. Snacks, like a bottle of water or a small bag of chips, could be helpful when the before lunch munchies kick in. “I keep a pair of chopsticks in my bag, because you never know when you need to show off your chopsticking skills, or have to pick up something really gross,” Alicia Luna, sophomore, said.

Socks can be folded into small bundles and easily stuffed into a backpack. Random water puddles can ruin a pair of socks, so having an extra pair to spare is a weird backpack must have.

Extra phone and Chromebook chargers are essential. Nothing is worse than having a dying Chromebook. Most students do not charge their Chromebooks at home and then come to school freaking out about the battery percentage.

Sketchbooks and markers are important for both adults and students. Nothing melts away stress like drawing or coloring random pictures and drawings. “I don’t have a backpack, but I do carry around a sketchbook and markers because I love to draw in my free time,” Jayden Mosqueda, sophomore, said.