Apex: The Upcoming Game Captures Gamers’ Interest


After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got stale, Fortnite came to the scene and took gamers by storm. After Fortnite became stale, another game began to rise. This game was Apex Legends.

Apex is a battle royale game. A battle royale game is a video game that mixes the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game with last-man-standing gameplay. Battle Royale games have been the latest craze in video games. In battle royale games, players can show off their skills to get eliminations and win the game.

In Apex, players can choose between eight different playable characters. Each character has special perks. These perks help players survive, or they can give them an advantage in a fight. Each character having a perk is a way that Apex is different from other battle royale games. Most games have different cosmetics that do not affect in-game actions. The cosmetics are only to make the character the player is playing look cool.

In Apex only 60 players enter the game in squads of three. The “jumpmaster” of the group jumps out of the jet and controls where all three players land unless the people who are not the jumpmaster decide to jump solo or break away from the jumpmaster. This method is efficient for squads to stay in a certain proximity of each other, but also be able to loot on their own.

Looting in the game is interesting. Sometimes players can land and find some of the best loot in the game. Some games’ players can land and find only medical items. On the worst game players land and find a mozambique… a mozambique. One of, if not the worst gun in the game. No attachment can make this gun worth using. Most players would rather get into a fight trying to punch the enemy than use a mozambique.

As the match wraps up, the endgame can be tricky. Squads can be “sandwiched” between two other teams. In situations like this, it is hard to fight off two squads at once, so squads are left with three choices: pick one squad to fight and risk getting shot by the other squad, try to vanish from the scene, or just go out with guns blazing shooting at both squads and hoping for the best.

If players manage to win their game, they are the champion. Other games dub their winners as a Chicken Dinner, or they win a #1 Victory Royale, but Apex players earn the title of champions for that game.

“I think the game is a great game. It is the first battle royale game I have ever liked, and do not pick up the mozambique,” Charlie Moldrup, senior, said.

Overall I think the game is great. On its first week out it was at the top of the charts on Twitch, a streaming platform, with many viewers watching. I do not think the game will ever be as popular as Fortnite, but I think it will still be a popular game for people who play videogames and for streamers.