Good Things Come to Those Who Bait

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I have been fishing my whole life. Whenever I go fishing, I always go with my dad. We go to the river early in the morning and stay there until it gets dark. Sometimes we take a tent down to the river and leave fishing poles out all night. We put bells on the poles so we know when we get a bite.
It is always good to have a stringer and pole stands. If you do not have a stringer and you catch fish, you have nowhere to put the fish. With a stringer you can keep the fish in the water and have them on a string. If you do not have a pole stand,you can just stick the pole in the ground. With a pole stand though, you will never lose your pole and the bottom of the pole does not get dirty.
When you catch a fish, you need to hook it in its mouth to put it on the stringer. The mouth is the best place to hook it because it is harder for the fish to get away. Sometimes the fish swallows the hook and it is a pain to take it out.
Always bring extra lures, bait, and hooks.
If you feel like you need a net, bring one. Nets are good to have just in case you cannot pull your fish up on land. Nets with extending handles are the best because you can make it longer or shorter if you need to.
It is better if someone is fishing with you so you can set out more poles. If you have more poles out you catch more fish. If you were fishing by yourself and you had a lot of poles out, you would not be able to watch all of them.
Fishing is one of the best activities to do with friends or family. I know when I look back on my childhood, I will always have memories of fishing with my dad.