Choir Preps for Spring Concert


Brianna Ross

Music instructor Alison Clark has big plans for the choir/music program, and some are coming up quite quickly. There are many ideas for next year also.

At the beginning of the year, Canton added a choir class. They started with no budget and had to apply for grants and beg for donations. Clark even set up a Donors Choose account. It received $1100 from people around the world. She used some of this money to buy ukuleles for the fifth and sixth graders and recorders for the fourth graders.

For choir, she received $1100 in donations, and $500 is from Student Council.

“Through the generous donations from parents and community members our music program has been able to purchase musical items needed by all students in class,” Clark, said. This money is going to the spring concert and show choir costumes. The choir is doing a show choir show on April 23rd, filled with 80’s songs. A few of the songs have dances in them and are still being worked on.

On April 5th, students from 3rd-7th grade who would like to compete are going perform at the Seiling Music Festival. This is going to teach the students what it is like to compete and what the judges see, as well as how the scoring is determined. They will also give feedback about how to make the performance better.

“On Friday, April 5th, 18, 3rd-7th will be participating in the Seiling Music Festival. This year, students are entering as soloists. Each grade has a solo. They must learn and perform it in front of a panel of judges. Students will receive certificates for participating, as well as great feedback to better their vocals. Students who place high will be given a medal of achievement,” Clark, said.

The high school choir was asked to sing I See Colors at graduation. The choir received the music in February and began to practice almost immediately. Clark plans to perform at graduation annually.

For next year, Clark has big plans for the music program. She wants to start a parent booster club to have help with fundraisers. She also wants to do more public singing, such as singing at nursing homes. Clark also wants to begin competing, mainly group competitions, to work on singing better as a group.

Next year Clark wants to have officers/section leaders in the choir. She not only wants to do that, but she also wants to start a music honors club, In this, students will have to have a certain GPA and be in music, similar to Honor Society.