Music Changing the World

For as long as I can remember I have never been like other kids and adults. I have always had different band phases that pass as soon as I find a new band to obsess over. My list of bands can go on and on, but the most recent bands are the ones that stuck with me.

Dark music has always been my favorite type of music. When other people were listening to Cardi B, I was listening to Anybody Killa. My music type involves real problems in life with a killer twist. One of my favorite songs, “To Catch a Predator” was created and sung by Insane Clown Posse. The song talks about catfishing child predators and hanging them in a basement to beat up and torture them for the crime of being a predator.

Dark music helps me cope with my problems better than pop music does. The band Twiztid has meaningful songs about having to struggle through life. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child come off as scary band members, but they have huge hearts. They sing about murder and other morbid acts, but they are always down to help people.

Boondox is another band that I have been listening to for a while. Boondox sings country songs, but he adds his personal twist of darkness to them. Boondox does songs that make the listener feel like they can relate to him on a personal level.

I love my music tastes. It makes me feel proud that I do not listen to the same music everyone else does. Music about life problems with a murderous twist makes me happy, and it makes me feel unique in everything I do.