Forced to Talk


Since the beginning of time, humans have had trouble talking to each other. Whether it’s the situation, the people, or lack of comfort, people everywhere have felt the strain of being shy. Being in a situation that makes a person uncomfortable can leave them unable to talk to someone.
Talking to people is something that everyone has to overcome, unless they want to live under a rock forever. A simple way to talk to someone is to talk about a topic they both enjoy, like favorite serial killers or favorite types of music.
Shyness is sometimes labeled as a genetic disorder, even though shyness affects everyone at some point in their life. Being shy can be a bad thing, depending on how much the person has to talk to people. Some people can apply for an emotional support animal that can go almost everywhere with them.
Emotional support animals are trained to stay with and recognize the early signs of panic attacks and emotional breakdowns. Only a select few shy people qualify for an emotional support animal, but those who do say it helps them a lot.
Slowly talking to people for a short amount of time everyday is a way of easing into the feel of being social. Short bursts of good conversation are better than long and meaningless topics. Most people are silently screaming inside their heads when someone wants to stop and talk for a long period of time.
Talking about a favorite topic is a way to make friends and to feel comfortable while talking to strangers, or random family members who only show up on Christmas. Shyness is a hard thing to overcome, but all it takes is patience and time.