The Long Walk Review

The Long Walk is a novel written by Stephen King about a group of 100 boys who must walk at a pace of four miles per hour for as long as they can. Whoever walks under four miles per hour gets shot and killed. The last boy standing gets a prize of whatever he chooses for the rest of his life.

Some of the characters seem to be fillers to keep the book flowing at a bloody pace. A few characters die within the first chapter, and most of the characters don’t say more than a few sentences throughout the whole book.

The main character does not think or talk about the pain from walking for days on end. The characters seem to put all the pain of walking in the back of their minds and ignore it. Walking for days would be one of the most painful things ever, and how they can ignore the pain is unrealistic.

The novel doesn’t give a lot of background on the characters or how “The Walk” was created. The characters don’t go through a lot of character development, and most of them die before the book is halfway finished. The book is rated two and a half stars out of five stars.