Living With Trypanophobia

The insane doctor pulls out the syringe and fills it with an unknown liquid while laughing evilly. The needle gets closer and closer, but before the syringe can enter my arm, the daydream is broken when the nurse calls my name to enter the doctor’s office. I sit on the chair while mentally preparing my arm to be stabbed with a needle.

The fear of needles and sharp objects, Trypanophobia, has been around since the creation of syringes. Growing up dreading vaccine shots, IV drips, and Novocaine shots have made going to the doctor and dentist almost impossible.

I had to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed when I turned fourteen. All was good until the doctor started to stick the IV tube in my arm. I started to freak out, and they had to calm me down so my heartbeat would slow down.

Not very long after that, I was sent to the hospital for two days and the nurse had to get me on an IV drip. When she wheeled in the IV, my heart rate monitor started beeping rapidly. My heart rate went into the hundreds, and I was laughing and crying hysterically.

When I am about to get any kind of injection I usually start crying and giggling. My mind goes into hysterics and my heart rate jumps into the hundreds. There is not a cure for the fear of needles, and to this day I can’t stand any kind of syringes.