Nore Dame Cathedral Falls to Fire

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A fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris destroyed huge parts of the 800-year-old church.
The fire has since been put out, but the cathedral’s spire fell during time it took to put the fire out.The French president has addressed to the nation that they will rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral altogether.

One man was able to rush into the Cathedral while it was on fire to save precious relics and artifacts that were still in the building during the fire. This man has been praised all throughout social media.

Some experts say that it will take 10 to 15 years to fully rebuild the cathedral. France does not have enough trees to rebuild the roof of the cathedral.There have been a lot of donations towards rebuilding the cathedral. So far the donations for the cathedral are $904 million.

If the fire would have gotten to the roof, the fire could not have been stopped. The cathedral would have been gone for good.