The Best Of After Prom

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Canton After Prom was held in the elementary gym on April 13, from midnight to six o’clock. The 45 students that attended did a variety of activities. The following is a list of the top 5 activities at after prom:

  1. Knockerballs

Each participating student climbed into a big blow up ball. There were four balls split into two teams. Each team started at one end of the court and ran full speed at the other. The first team to be knocked down enough to cry mercy lost.

“I liked knocker balls because I could hit people as hard as I could,” Johnnie Burton, freshman, said.

  1. Blow Up Obstacle Race

A forty-five-foot-long obstacle course was blown up with two holes at the end. One person went through the hole feet first and raced his opponent to the end. The racing involved

jumping over obstacles climbing walls and sliding down slides.

“I liked sliding on the slide at the end, it was the funnest part,” Claysen Scott, junior, said.

  1. Hypnotist

Albert May, a high school English teacher, and hypnotist selected 8 people from the audience and put them under hypnosis.

“My favorite thing the hypnotist did was make Andre think the Batmobile was stolen,” Roxey Linder, senior, said.

  1. Light Challenge

A series of light up buttons were placed in a square where two people ran around and tried to push their color of a button. The person to push the most buttons before time ran out won.

“I liked the fact that every time you would hit a light it would fall off the wall, so we just ended up stepping on the lights,” Alicia Luna, sophomore, said.

  1. Bungee Run

There were two lanes with one person in each lane. Each person had a vest with a bungee cord attached to the back of the vest and the other end of the bungee cord was attached to the wall. Each participant tried to run as far out as possible and place a marker on the velcro strip.

“It is fun to have the competition of who could put the marker on the velcro the furthest,” Deonte Murray, senior, said.