Vaping Evolves over 1500 Years


Kylie Nix

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Vapes have been around for a long time. Vapes were invented to help people stop smoking cigarettes. It took awhile for them to get popular because people were more interested in cigarettes. One of the most popular things people like to consume is nicotine. People have tried different ways to consume it. People have tried to chew it, smoke it, vape it, and apply it to their skin.
Ancient Egypt was first known for its vaping techniques. In the 5th century B.C., Egyptians were heating up herbs and oils with hot stones.
More than 1500 years ago, Irfan Shiekh made the first hookah. This invention introduced this way of vaping to the people of India.
Hon Lik made the first modern e-cigarette in the mid-2000s, but in 1963 Herbert Gilbert came up with the idea of the e-cigarette. Nobody back then knew about it though, because he kept it to himself instead of sharing his knowledge with the smoking world.
In the 1990ā€™s Bill Amato invented a cannabis vaporizer. He wanted to make vaporizing easy for everyone, so he named it the Shake ā€˜Nā€™ Vape. It was a hand-held vape based on an ancient Egyption technique. He thought that vaporizing cannabis was the healthiest way of using it.
All these techniques led to the all the new vapes that have become so common to our world.