The Claw Goes Airborne

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With Tiger Media’s new drones and drone pilot, Ethan Foster, there is a new view from the Tiger skies. Drones being brought into the media program will allow for better coverage and an expanded perspective of various school events.
“Bringing drones and drone technology into the media program won’t only really expand what we can do as far as coverage of school events, but also gives our media students exposure to rapidly growing career opportunities,” Mr. Barney, media advisor, said.
Foster will be training other media students to pilot starting with Tiger Media’s smaller drone and eventually moving up to his larger drone. One of the students that will be trained, Solomon Vargas, will incorporate drone footage into more articles and video stories.
“Im kinda nervous about flying the drone, but I think it’s a good idea to have more people know how to. Just in case Ethan is busy or something, we can have someone on standby,” Solomon Vargas, media student, said.
Constant advancements in technology mean that there will always be something new for people to use, so Tiger Media will always have a new way to better coverage, and a new perspective of events.
“Drones, in general, can be useful, but like with all other technology, I think its something that’ll probably be used in ways that it wasn’t supposed to, but I do think that It will be useful for the media class,” Mr. Mesis, Canton High School history teacher, said.
Tiger Media will break out the drones for the first time at Thursday night’s Meet the Tigers festivities.