Oakwood Skating Rink Opens

The Oakwood Skating Rink has been closed down for the summer, but is re-opening this Saturday. The skating rink has been closed for the summer because the owner, Kalya Hedges, is pregnant, and she could not deal with the heat. The baby is due sometime in October. 

The rink is located in downtown Oakwood. It is six dollars to get into the skating rink, and skaters can skate for three hours. To celebrate the re-opening, August 31, 2019, it will only be three dollars to skate. Snacks and food at the concession range from $1 to $8, with a whole pizza for $8.  

“Yeah I’m pretty excited for the Oakwood skating rink opening because it is a fun place to hang out with my friends,” Braxton Thompson, sophomore, said. 

The rink is located in the old Oakwood school gym, and is open to host birthday parties and other get togethers.