Merchant of Death

The Merchant of Death is the first book of ten in the Pendragon series. Written by D.J. MacHale, the Pendragon series follows Bobby Pendragon, a normal teenager, through time and space to save the universe from Saint Dane, a demon who wants to destroy the universe and recreate it. 

Bobby’s uncle, Press Tilton, asks Bobby to go on an adventure to help him save a group of people from a different territory. Press brings Bobby to a territory called Denduron to stop a civil war that is being influenced by Saint Dane. 

After running away from a quig, a  Press is kidnapped by Bedoowan knights who accuse him of being a spy while Bobby stays hidden. Bobby is saved by Osa and Loor, two warriors who are helping Press. Osa shows Bobby and Loor why the lower class Milago want to revolt against the Bedoowan. 

After a long struggle with people of the territory and Saint Dane, Osa is dead and Press is free. Press, Bobby, and Loor stop the war from staring but Saint Dane escaped to a territory called Coral. Loor goes back to her own territory while Press and Bobby to follow Saint Dane to Coral. 

A few of the characters died before they could be important to the story line, but their death keeps the story moving. The first book is rated four out of five stars for relatable characters and interesting adventures.