Canton Switches Back To Two Lunches

At Canton High School lunch hours have been switched back and forth the past few years, going from split lunches to one lunch and back to a split lunch this year.

Last year high school and jr high have had to share one lunch period, and some students and teachers were happy, while some were not. Now students at Canton High School students, 9th-12, and jr high students 7th-8th have separate lunches as they did in the past. 

“I think they should put  all the lunches together again because the little kids ruin the salad bar for the older kids.” Devon Reilly, eighth grader, said. 

When Canton High School had 1 lunch they had 25 minutes. Now they have 25 minutes for each high school, and jr high lunch period.

“I think the one lunch seemed to go a little smoother, and kids didn’t have to eat as fast.” Shania Wood, Ag Secretary, said.

With the 2 lunches, kids “cutting” each other has gone down, there is less mess with the salad bar.     

“I like the 2 lunches better because we have a little more room and we can fix more food if we need to.” Melinda Schoonmaker, school cook, said.