Juul Still Poses Dangers

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Juul is a type of e-cigarette, and it is harming people that use it. Juuls need a juul pod in them for them to work. Juul pods liquid is 5% nicotine, and one pod has as much as a pack of cigarettes.  

Juuls are damaging the brain and lungs of those who use them, and nicotine is the main cause. Nicotine is almost as addictive as cocaine, and it is even more addictive than alcohol.

Juuls were designed to help cigarette smokers stop smoking cigarettes and lower nicotine levels. A number of people who use a Juul have ended up having lung damage, brain damage, and seizures. 

There are a few teens who quit Juuling because they realized it is unhealthy. 

“I have been trying to stop Juuling because I know nicotine is bad for you, but I think it is going to take some time to quit,” anonymous student, Canton high school, said.