First Academic Meet Of The Season

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The Canton Tiger academic team had its first meet of the season, debuting two new players, Kalissa Wile and Courtney Thompson. 

“I was kind of terrified at first, but then Mr. Cox told us our ‘strategy’ to just flirt with the other team while Jared destroys them,” Kalissa Wile, senior, said.

The final scores of all four games were: 140:60, 110:50, 280:80, 200:30, with a Tiger victory in every game. 

This will be Mr. Cox’s last year coaching his son, Jared. 

“I think we have the potential to do really well this season, and I think that if we have a few lightning rounds that go in our favor, we definitely have the potential to go to area and maybe state. As far as coaching Jared for his last season, I’m both happy and sad about it. I’m happy because having Jared always makes the team do well, but I’m sad because it’s his last year and him not being here will make it more difficult in the following years,” Mr. Cox, academic team coach, said.