Very Scary P/T Conferences

There comes a time when every student is scared for his or her life, and that time is Parent/Teacher Conferences. Most parents require their kids to have good grades, and when they don’t it can get pretty ugly. 

P/ T Conferences is a time when the teachers can share both good and bad things with their students’ parents. It’s always good to take the teachers some food the day of. Most kids survive P/ T conferences by hiding in the bathroom, or waiting in the car. For other kids, P/T conferences is a breeze. 

“I’m not too worried when P/T conferences roll around, because I usually have pretty good grades,” Samantha McEachern, senior, said.

During the conferences some teachers give out bonus points to the students who show up with their parents. Walking into a class with their parents can go two ways. The first way both the student and parents come out with a smile on their face, while the other way results in some ear pulling and a little, “Give me your phone, you’re grounded,” action.

“When P/T conferences come I’m scared my teachers are gonna tell my parents how much trouble I get in,” Hanna Sullins, sophomore, said.

While a majority of students start crying when they hear the words P/T conference, there’s a teeny tiny number of students who are excited and jump out of their seats. The excited ones are usually the ones with straight A’s and a 4.0 gpa. The students who groan and roll their eyes usually start planning how to skip town for a few years.

P/ T conferences can be a deadly time of the year. Most kids go back to school without a scratch, and other kids don’t come back at all. The day P/T conference is held is the scariest day of most students’ lives.