FCCLA Goes To District Conferences

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, the FCCLA students attended the FCCLA district conference held in Vici. The students who went learned about possible fundraisers and what being a leader means to FCCLA students.

“It a big event because you can take all your FCCLA members, I call it the big fall event for FCCLA students.” Mrs. Haub, FCCLA school adviser, said. 

Students who went to the district convention were introduced to their FCCLA district council.

“I learned that our school could do a gold out to raise money for childhood cancer,” Kenidi Humbargar, FCCLA reporter, said.   

The students also met Addison Price, Miss Oklahoma. Ms. Price spoke about how FCCLA can make students come out of their comfort zones and prepare them better for their future.